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Hand in hand, we listen to God’s call, we learn from God’s word, and we share God’s love through service.’

At St. Augustine’s, our Religious Education Curriculum embodies our School mission statement. Together, as a school community of children, parents, carers and staff, we aim to help children to recognise that we are all God’s children and help everyone to seek God more fully. We believe that Religious Education forms the foundation of all that we say and do. Within the RE curriculum subject, and through our day-to-day school life (including Prayer, Collective Worship and Catholic Life), we promote a deeper knowledge, a growing appreciation and understanding of the Catholic faith. We strive to support all those within our school community to be inspired by the Gospel word. Our curriculum is focused on giving children the knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and supporting everyone on their own journey of faith.

Aims of Religious Education at St. Augustine’s

  1. To nurture each person of our school community on their journey of faith.
  2. To promote knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and life.
  3. To develop religiously literate young people.
  4. To develop children’s awareness of the religious commitment in every day life, including the Church’s community.
  5. To promote dignity and freedom of every person, as created in the image and likeness of God, by making children aware of other denominations and faiths.
  6. To experience feelings of wonder and awe to the natural world.
  7. To foster appropriate attitudes, respect and care for others, and think about the meaning and purpose of life.
  8. To inspire every aspect of school life.
  9. To encourage the children to be Disciples of Christ and live out the Gospel values.
  10. To develop moral and ethical convictions by asking questions, examining and reflecting.

Implementation of our RE Curriculum

Religious Education is a core subject within St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School and is therefore at the heart of our whole curriculum. As required by the Bishops’ Conference, RE is allocated 10% of the curriculum as a discrete subject, but will also form part of other curriculum areas within our school.
During key times within the Liturgical Year, the RE curriculum may take more time within the curriculum, in order to allow children to be fully immersed in and reflective of the time within the Catholic Church, as a Catholic school. This will also support children, families and staff on their faithful journey.

As part of the strategy, the children learn about what it is to live as Christians today, how the Church is organised from the global to parish level and also the opportunities which exist for them to participate in the life of the Church. Throughout the year the children also learn about the Liturgical Seasons and have opportunities to link learning to prayer and reflection.

As part of the RE curriculum, teaching and learning of other denominations and faiths take place. We recognise the diverse and multicultural communities within our school community, as well as nationally and throughout the world. Therefore, at St. Augustine’s school, we aim to provide children with a rounded education where we develop children’s understanding of other faiths. For ensure this, other denominations and faiths will be taught throughout the year, at key events and festivals within the faith’s calendar. Each year group focuses on a certain aspect of the faith to provide progress, a growing respect for other religions and to develop a more spiritual understanding of the diverse culture and faith within our world.

Please click below to view our RE long-term plan and our RE policy