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Prayer and Collective Worship

At St. Augustine’s, Prayer and Collective worship plays a centre role in our day to day lives.

Prayer is being aware of the presence of God in our lives. It is a way of communicating and opening a relationship with God, a relationship of love and communion. Prayer is not simply traditional prayers that are said, but something that engages the whole person. Through prayer, we bring ourselves before God. We bring our love, our joys, our difficulties, our needs and the needs of others throughout the world.

An overview of what you would see at St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

  • Mission Monday: Every Monday Morning, children have Mission assemblies where there is a focus on the Gospel. These are relevant to the Liturgical Year, or something specific that is happening in the world. These are planned and delivered by either SLT, Liturgy Team, School Council or Eco Team.
  • Gifts from God Assembly: Celebration assemblies are held on a Friday morning to reinforce the Gospel message, praise those who have shown the Jesuit values, and encourage children to live out the Gospel in their lives. Messages from the Liturgy Team, School Council or Eco Team are given.
  • Holy Time: A moment of prayer. Using Gather, Listen, Respond and Go forth, groups of children will provide Holy Time for something specific. This may be relevant to the Liturgical year, arising issues, class motivations, charities or general reflections. Teachers, Liturgy Team or groups of children within each class work alongside the class teacher to develop, direct, plan and deliver the Holy Time Liturgy Service to the rest of their class.
  • Stations of the Cross: During Lent, children reflect on this important season where they participate in the Stations of the Cross at church on a Friday afternoon, with the Parish.
  • Guided Meditation: Throughout the year, children are given opportunities through RE lessons and Holy Time, where Guided Meditation is directed.
  • Benediction and Adoration: Throughout the year, there are opportunities for children to experience both Benediction and Adoration.

Our Liturgy Team

Our Liturgy Team is made up of children from across the school. We meet regularly to discuss the provision of Prayer and Collective Worship. The team work together to provide resources, share Holy Times, prayer, monitor and evaluate the prayer life in our school and support our school in our Prayer and Collective Worship journey.

Our Vision

  • We want to help St Augustine’s children and staff on their prayerful journey.
  • We want to help St Augustine’s children and staff become closer to God.
  • We want to show how prayer is powerful, prayer is necessary and worship is showing our love for God.

Our Aspirations and objectives in 2023-24

  • Provide motivating opportunities for spontaneous and dedicated prayer
  • Join year groups together in prayer and collective Worship on our spiritual journey
  • Provide further prayer links with our school and parish community.

Please click below to view our Prayer and Worship Policy: MAC Prayer and Worship Policy