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At St Augustine’s, we believe that every child is entitled to a high-quality curriculum which places their physical, social, cognitive and emotional needs at the core of its purpose. All children are taught PE weekly, either by qualified sports coaches, our sports development officer or class teachers. We aim to work with key providers of physical education to inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in sport and physical education. We offer a varied range of activities to suit all abilities and have many opportunities available for children to compete in sports and other activities. 

At St Augustine’s we ensure that our PE lessons are fully aligned to the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and focus on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. Each unit of work has a different focus to develop the key abilities necessary for success in PE and sport. Teachers and Sports staff have high expectations of pupils and offer appropriate levels of support and challenge to ensure that every pupil is able to succeed and that every pupil is stretched in each PE session. Ongoing assessment is used in lessons to ensure consistency across the key stage and that pupils are aware of their own progress, strengths and challenges. 

Every child will:
• enjoy PE lessons and physical activity
• be able to achieve and succeed
• have the opportunity to take part in competitive sport
• be able to collaborate and communicate with others
• understand and be able to articulate how they have made progress in individual PE lessons and over time understand how to evaluate and recognise their own success
• be able to explain the importance of leading a healthy and active life 

We will be using the ‘Get Set 4 PE’ scheme which contains Physical Education planning, assessment and tracking tool designed to enable teachers to deliver enjoyable, active and high quality sessions through the PE Scheme of work. Get Set 4 PE provides comprehensive, curriculum-aligned lesson content and progressive schemes of work written by teachers for teachers, with all associated resources and materials to adapt teaching and support for subject leads, as well as a simplistic assessment tool to record and monitor progress. 

Each lesson contains clear, progressive learning objectives; differentiated activities and other resources including videos to support the delivery of PE. Teachers can quickly assess and monitor the progress of each individual easily within the curriculum and track children’s progress. 

At St Augustine's we also offer a variety of sporting after school clubs available to children from Year 1 - 6. We also employ qualified external specialist for Dance and Gymnastics.


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