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Parent partnership

How parents can take part in the setting 

There are many valuable ways in which parents/carers can help make the pre-school welcoming and stimulating place for children and other families, such as; 

  • Exchanging knowledge about your child’s needs, activities, interests, and progress, attending parental consultation meetings etc. 
  • By allowing your child to bring relevant items from home to share with their peers and practitioners 
  • Sharing own special interests, values, beliefs and celebrations with the children and practitioners 
  • Supporting and attending our Christmas play, joining in with special activities, attending planned events e.g. Sports Day  etc. 
  • Making vital contributions to the setting through Tapestry, feedback and questionnaires 
What our parents say….   

“The staff have been nurturing and constantly supportive towards my child's education and well-being. The support as a parent has been endless and I'm forever grateful for allowing my child to flourish”. 


‘At the start of term, the teachers were great at helping to settle my daughter into a new environment. I can't praise you enough. Thank you’. 


‘My child has been well supported with his transition into School nursery, he has made progress not only academically but also socially. Staff are wonderful and have encouraged my child to grow’ 


‘School Tapestry updates are welcomed as we get to see highlights of what our child has been up to in class and also keeps us well informed for up coming events within the school community’ 


Since starting in September my child has come on leaps and bounds, this it with support and encouragement from the amazing staff who have loved and nurture him and getting him ready from the moved to reception in the coming months