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What we offer

Our Learning environment 

Our Early Years curriculum and environment ensure that imaginations spark and friendships build as children explore ideas, experience new things, create and construct, laugh, learn and play together. 

Explore     Experience     Enjoy 

All parents want their children to feel safe, secure, and happy at school. They also want their children to achieve. We endeavour to develop the ‘whole’ child providing enjoyable and creative experiences within which to flourish. At St. Augustine’s all children are encouraged, supported and challenged to become the best they can be. 

We are a Catholic school with our mission ‘Hand in hand we listen to God’s call, we learn from God’s Word, and we share God’s love through service.t the heart of everything we do’. Our school Nursery is a place which offers children the stability and enrichment that they need to become the unique individuals God created them to be.  

Learning environment - Internal Learning area



We endeavour to inspire in our children a love of learning where they explore, push boundaries and experience the awe and wonder of their world with enjoyment in a safe and stimulating environment with a highly skilled and inspirational staff team.  

Our children’s learning journey builds upon the firm foundations of home life begun with yourselves. Our carefully planned curriculum expands their skills and knowledge in all seven areas of the EYFS through a colourful, stimulating and varied curriculum that ensures our children enter their school reception class confident and eager to learn. 








Our provision ensures that our children play, learn and thrive as they are supported by skilled staff who understand and care for them in a safe space that inspires their young minds to grow and mature in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  


Learning environment - External learning area

We make full use of our outdoor environment and the wider school grounds to develop skills and knowledge in all areas of learning. 

Outside is where lots of physical play happens door example

  • Riding bikes
  • Climbing
  • Balancing
  • Building 
  • Imaginary play; in the mud kitchen
  • Playhouse
  • Construction Area (play area) 
  • Sand tray
  • I spy insects in their bug hotel  
  • Observing nature 
  • Counting and sorting everything from the number of ducks to leaves and pebbles 
  • 'Mark making' with chalk, sticks and water 
  • Stories, songs and rhymes.  













The Wider outdoors

Our school field, prayer garden and Forest school is a perfect space to discover, explore and experience nature at its best in all of its seasons. 

From bear hunts, picnics, den-making, bird watching, mini beast investigation and story telling our imaginations spark!!! 

Many of the activities which the children undertake in Nursery are initiated by them as they access and make use of the learning areas like our home corner and writing area. They are also regularly involved in whole class, group and individual tasks.